Syslog Watcher from EZ5 Systems

Syslog Watcher from EZ5 Systems is a dedicated syslog server for windows, integrating log data from multiple network devices into a single, easily manageable and accessible computer interface. Collecting and analyzing syslogs events is essential for security auditing and maintaining network stability of any size network infrastructure. 

Nearly every IP device connected to a network logs system events locally or is capable of sending out syslog event messages. These include the new breed IoT devices that operated as special purpose applications or platforms (i.e. sensors). Syslog Watcher advanced networking capabilities supports IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces and the syslog protocol over UPD and TCP for congestion control and reliability.

However, not all syslog servers can scale performance under the tsunami of messages created by all these network devices. A quality syslog server has to work fast  to do more than just collect and write  messages to a file. Syslog Watcher uses a highly efficient multi-threaded architecture optimized for  performance, so the collection of new records isn’t held up by the completion of processing. The syslog storage is designed to work under heavy loads and can process thousands of syslog messages per second. 

The control dashboard provides comprehensive filtering capabilities using standardized regexps in the message body to unify filtering rules for all operations.  The smart parser feature determines the source type and correctly handles deviations from the standard. Email alert rules trigger emails in response to incoming syslog event conditions to alert the designated administrator.

Syslog Watcher supports exporting collected syslog messages to any text file type format like CSV, XML, JSON, etc. Moreover, syslog server administrators are not limited file exports alone. Syslog Watcher can export collected data to any SQL, NoSQL, file-based database via industry standard  ODBC connectors.
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