WI-FI blocker

A wallpaper to protect its Wi-Fi

Researchers in Grenoble have had an original idea: to prevent a Wi-Fi network from being hacked, with a wallpaper insulation, which no longer allows waves to leave the apartment.Other utilities may be found in such technology, such as protection of sensitive individuals to electromagnetism.
Last week, a prototype of this " revolutionary wallpaper "was presented to the press by its creators. It protects data from a network connected via Wi-Fi for any theft or intrusion, since it has the ability to filter out electromagnetic waves of a wireless LAN, and without disturbing the wave of radio frequency or relief.
Advantage, the device also works for the waves of mobile phones, while still allowing users to contact an emergency number, if needed. He is even able to filter " up to three frequencies at once . "
A wireless network is provided with protections that can be cracked by the crafty. If you put wallpaper on the walls around an office or apartment, your wifi works well but it can not be hacked , "he explained at demonstration Pierre Lemaitre-Auger, a researcher at the Polytechnic Institute Grenoble Institute of Technology who developed the product. 
The design was done in collaboration with the Centre Technique du Papier, by a team comprising a total of 4 persons. The finished product has an appearance design: it is covered with geometrical tracings with conductive ink (ink containing silver particles), and if you do not, do not worry: you can cover it by the wallpaper of your choice, without it alters its filtering properties.
In addition, the harmfulness of electromagnetic waves is still under debate: " Many people are interested in the problems of electrosensitivity, by the fact that the waves would be dangerous to health , "said Pierre Lemaitre-Auger. Problem in which the product will meet, as it will provide "people who want the opportunity to protect themselves and have a very low oven in their apartment . " The scientist added that its use in this context may be especially in hospitals, theaters or bedrooms.
And, if there is a problem of porosity, it could be totally suppressed by extending the technology to flooring, ceilings and windows, as pointed out by Guy Eymin Petot Tourtollet, CTP.
Finally, this wallpaper, the price would be " reasonable "and" equivalent to a classic wallpaper mid-range ", could be commercialized in the early months of 2013, as requested by the Finnish company Ahlstrom, who comes to offer in the exclusive license.